Tuesday, January 17, 2012

green mountains

At least, I think they look like mountains.

Taking pictures in the dark

I like this photograph.

simple and minimalistic

Throws off my sense of depth

Gah! What am I supposed to write in these posts? I'm not a writer. What am I supposed to say?

simple shapes

It's funny how something so simple can just look so... correct.

adventures in university place

My Filipino friend and I running around taking pictures in the middle of the night in perhaps one of the most boring of little towns in the state of Washington.

I like the way this looks...

...but I think I'll have to turn it into a vector image using either flash or illustrator if I want to animate it or something and still really look crisp.

In my mind I envision this having text

I just couldn't think of what words to use.

dying flower

I wanted to capture a flower's beauty even when it's not necessarily at it's peak.